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Altitude Sickness Info

Altitude sickness, also called mountain sickness is a negative health effect brought by climbing or walking to a higher altitude where amount of oxygen is low. It happens because body become unable to adapt low air pressure and oxygen at high altitude area. Altitude sickness can happens to anyone. It appear from 2000m (6,600 ft) above sea level.


   -Loss of appetite, nausea
   -Swelling hands, feet and face
   -Continual rapid pulse
   - Dizziness
   -Nose bleeding, shortness of breath


These symptoms are life threatening
Cerebral edema ( swelling of brain)

   -Headache that does not respond to analgesics.
   -Unsteady gaits
   - Gradual loss of consciousness
   - Increased nausea and vomiting

Pulmonary edema (fluids in the lungs)

  - Continual dry cough
  - Fever
  - Shortness of breath even while taking rest
  • Rapid ascent
  • Dehydration

  • Ascending slowly
  • Avoid strenuous activity
  • Avoid alcohol and sleeping pills
  • Stay hydrate

  • Use oxygen cylinder
  • Acetazolamide ( trade name Diamox) it can be taken as preventive medicine.
  • Ibuprofen. It is a painkiller. It helps to reduce headache and nausea.
  • Paracetamol
  • In case of emergency try to decent down as fast as possible

Client Reviews

2019 haben wir einen Nepaltrip mit Hari und sein Team verwirklicht. Hari hat uns im Vorfeld geführt, denn wir können zwar die Annapurna umrunden, aber auch möglichst viel in den Seitentälern wandern. Er hat für uns eine Route durch das Nhar-Phu-Tal und auch zum Tilicho-See aus dem und dem Krieg für uns genau richtig. Die Vorbereitung, die Umsetzung, die Kunst wie Hari auf unsere Wünsche Wünsche ist ist Krieg - wir Ebene mit Hari auf jeden Herbst eine weitere Tour.


Köln, Deutschland

In May 2019, my father and I, did a trekking in Mustang with Hari Kumar Khatri as a guide and the “Mannschaft”: Nabin, Biman, Shatiman and Harkha. The trekking lasted about 20 days and we basically always slept in tends: sometimes outside the houses of the villagers and sometimes in the middle of nowhere.
Unfortunately, especially in the southern part of the Upper Mustang, people are building many roads which are literally destroying the landscape. But thanks to the knowledge of Hari of this territory, we were able to avoid the majority of the roads consequently avoiding other tourists and the traffic.
Overall, the trekking was very well organized. I really appreciated the fact that we were able to adapt the itinerary according to our preferences even during the trekking! I must add that Hari is not only a good guide but also a great cook!
This was my second trek with Hari and once again I really enjoyed it and I would for sure recommend him as a guide to somebody interested in doing a trekking in Nepal.
Thank you Hari and the Mannschaft for the great trekking and happy moments!
Valentina and Reto



Wir (2Pers.) haben im Oktober/November 2019, mit Nabin als Guide, den Manaslu Trekk und das Tsum Valley gemacht. Organisation und Durchführung der Reise waren top.Die Kommunikation im Vorfeld mit Hari hat auch bestens geklappt. Es war ein unvergesslicher Urlaub und ich werde bestimmt nochmal nach Nepal kommen und dann auch wieder mit dieser Agentur unterwegs sein.
Liebe Grüße an das ganze Team




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